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Good Through Growth

Our typical clients are Fortune 1000 companies, but we also work with the companies we want to work with. For us it is also about making the World a better place. Sometimes that is by providing early stage capital to fund startups that have the potential to improve the world. Sometimes it is by helping a startup to find an even bigger investor to take them to the next level. Other times it is by contributing to charities through services, contributions, and mentorships.


Peak Energy Capital provides capital at the seed and angel level. Companies are picked based on their upside potential, the strength of their founders, and the potential impact of their business. While no founder will be prevented from applying Peak Energy is especially interested in funding companies with strong female leadership, companies that advance the education of youth, and companies that seek to improve the quality of living of their customers.


You know your business, but do you know how to prove you know your business? Building a business plan, planning for pitfalls, and having the answers to the hard questions a VC will ask of you requires a lot of work. We will work with you to be prepared for the crazy things investors will ask of you. We will prepare you for the hard questions, the weird questions, and the challenges that come with pitching.

Social Good

We give. We plan. We introduce. There is more to social good than just writing a check. Peak Energy Social Good works hard to do good works, and that does mean writing a check from time to time, but more often it means training volunteers, writing grants, organizing events, and directing communications.

Why Us?


Over $40 Million Raised

Sarah Austin has raised more than $20 million for startups. Sarah is well known among the VC community and has helped companies at various stages create pitches, win competitions, and most importantly raise money.

Sarah has also raised over $20 million for charity. Sarah works with Cancer Lymphoma charities, the YMCA, and other charities. Sarah favors charities that work with youth, San Francisco's Tenderloin district, and women's issues.


While Sarah Austin may be most famous for her role in Randy Zuckerberg's "Startups Silicon Valley" which appeared on Bravo, Sarah was also named Hacker of the Year by SAP in 2013. Sarah's ability to not only build projects, but to build stories around products.



The Peak Energy team includes enterprise, content programming, marketing, and business planning experts. No matter your niche, or target audience, the Peak Energy team will help you determine market size, competitors, and opportunities. But more than who is on our team, is who are team has access to. We are smart people, but our friends are brilliant and specialized. If we don't have the specific know-how for your project we'll find it.

Proprietary Technology

Marketing has always been about telling a great story that resonates with the consumer, but with the reach of the Internet, and the specialization of people and markets that now means customizing the message for each audience. Peak Energies has exclusive technology for Big Data Mining at Webscale, Broad Listening across the Internet, and creating context for Deep Listening.

We work smarter, so your marketing dollars go farther.


Deep Listening and Evangelism Platform

CodingFTW is a hackathon team composed exclusively of women. The goal is to bring awareness of women in technology, but also to provide a platform for feed back on technology products and services. Learn more at CodingFTW.com